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2023 Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual

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2023 Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual

The Nissan Leaf electric car has been produced by the Japanese since 2018, improving the model more and more each year. In 2023, the Nissan Leaf is equipped with a V-shaped element at the front, which has become glossy rather than chrome like before. The wheel rims aren’t far behind, also changing the look, along with a blanking pattern in place of the radiator grille. The bodywork will be available in new colours.

A unique filter has been added to the interior, with anti-bacterial materials, which comes in handy given the situation with coronavirus in Europe. The car is equipped with a unique filter, with anti-bacterial materials, which will come in handy given the coronavirus situation in Europe.

The Nissan Leaf 2023 is priced at $36,425.

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