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2022 Nissan Kicks Owner's Manual

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2022 Nissan Kicks Owner's Manual

The Nissan Kicks is a Japanese crossover with a hybrid engine. The vehicle is designed primarily for the local market. The first generation is currently on sale.

The car has a striking and slightly futuristic appearance. It can be sold in a two-tone paint job. The crossover, like the rest of the class, has a protective, unpainted bodykit across the lower part of the body. It is equipped with narrow LED lights in an unusual shape. The car appears streamlined and sculpted.

The interior is bright, stylish and spacious. It’s finished in leather and other high-quality, premium materials. The car has all the advanced comfort and safety features. The boot of the car is quite spacious and allows you to carry a lot of things and items.
The crossover is available with a 1-litre hybrid engine with only 82 horsepower. Therefore, there is no need to speak about any speed qualities. Thus, the car is very economic and is created, first of all, for a city. It is equipped with a front drive and a gearbox. The ground clearance of the car is 170 mm, which allows it to successfully overcome minor off-road conditions.

The hybrid crossover has gained prominence in Japan. It is aimed primarily at young city dwellers. It is also sometimes found in other countries, including UK.

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