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1999 Nissan Altima Owner's Manual

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1999 Nissan Altima Owner's Manual Free owner's manual for 1999 Nissan Altima in pdf. We do not charge any fee for downloading the manual. In case you did not find the information you need, we advise you to look at the manuals for other years.

The Japanese car company Nissan started selling the Altima models back in 1993. The main aim of this sedan was to compete fiercely with the Honda Accord and Mazda 626. The car was powered by three petrol engines and a two-litre diesel. The engine produced 210 horsepower. It even had a unique tuning called the Duraflex R33. Developers recently unveiled the Nissan Altima 2022. The car's exterior has undergone strong changes: the stern, which is memorable thanks to the spectacular brake lights, LED lights with optics. Thanks to these changes, the drag coefficient has dropped to 0.26, down from the previous figure of 0.29. The Nissan Altima's fuel consumption has been reduced, and the two-and-a-half-litre engine now gets up to 182 horsepower. In spite of all the innovations mentioned above, the car also shares similarities with its predecessors. For example, there is an on-board computer, tyre pressure sensors, audio system and navigation inside. If desired, the owner of the car can have leather interior, heated front seats, rain sensors and other options. The Nissan Altima 2022 is priced at $22,500.

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