Nissan Owner's Manuals

Teana Owner's Manuals

The Nissan Teana is a popular business sedan. It was introduced in 2005 and is now in its third generation. The car is distinguished by its luxurious and chic appearance. It is characterised by large dimensions. The length of the car is 4,888 mm. It has a sloping roof in the rear and quite strict forms. Clearance of the model is only 130 mm, which means it can not be used on bad roads. The car has a spacious leather interior with plenty of space, both front and rear. The boot is roomy enough for transporting large items and items.
The latest generation sedans have front-wheel drive only. They are powered by a 2.5 litre petrol engine with 173 horsepower. The car is now only available with a variator.
The Nissan Teana is the choice for city driving and long journeys. It perfectly emphasises its owner’s status. The executive sedan is also popular in Russia. But in Russia, the latest generation of the model is virtually unavailable.