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2022 Nissan Ariya Owner's Manual

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2022 Nissan Ariya Owner's Manual

Information about the electric sports car appeared quite recently – in 2017. After a while, the manufacturer presented a version as close to the production line as possible. And only in 2021, the final version of the Nissan Ariya was sold. Traditional and European style accents were added to the body design. The car has distinctive features at the front:
β€’ Ribbed longitudinal sidewalls on the hood
β€’ Improved windshield aerodynamic properties
β€’ Radiator grille decorated with the brand logo
The crossover in profile looks quite stylish, exclusive and modern. It is in this brand that the updated logo design appeared. Only high-quality leather with inserts of durable plastic is used in the interior of the car. Nissan Ariya is available in 5 technical configurations:
β€’ Two front-wheel drive 2 WD with one motor
β€’ Three all-wheel-drive 4WD with two powertrains
The chassis of this car is built independent, with a multi-lever design in the rear.

The Nissan Ariya is a new electric car from Japan. Although the model began production in 2020, it did not enter active production until 2022. It has a crossover body and features stylish, voluminous and embossed futuristic shapes. The car stands out for its narrow, unusual optics. It has medium dimensions with a length of about 4,500 mm. The vehicle’s ground clearance is quite high, allowing it to travel effortlessly on moderate off-road and bad roads.
The car has a comfortable and spacious interior, finished in expensive materials. It is available in leather. The car is offered with advanced multimedia and a full range of comfort and safety options. It is very spacious and can accommodate up to five people. The boot is quite large and suitable for carrying large things and objects. Its volume is 468 litres.
The crossover can have rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It is equipped with a gearbox. There is a choice of electric motors with 217, 242, 278, 306 and 394 bhp. The machine has excellent speed and driving characteristics. It is not cheap to maintain.
The electric car is perfect for daily driving around town and on the highway. It can also be used for long journeys. The model is designed for those who love technical progress and prefer to keep up with the times. It will be in demand in Japan and Europe, as well as in some other parts of our planet. But its success in USA is doubtful as electric cars are still unpopular here. Therefore, the car will most likely not be sold in our country in the near future.

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