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2018 Nissan Almera Owner's Manual

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2018 Nissan Almera Owner's Manual

Throughout the history of the Nissan Almera range, this car has not been overly popular, but that has never stopped it from being reliable, economical and practical. Rather, it’s been called the benchmark classic.

The interior and exterior are slightly updated from its latest predecessor and are fully in line with contemporary styling. The Almera is based on the Micra and Note and comes in a sedan body. The front of the car shows an angular bumper, neat headlights with ice lighting, and the whole part together with the big bonnet looks like a premium car.

There are changes to the interior. There is an overlay in the middle of the console, all the way down the length of the console, distinguishing it from the main one in colour. The dashboard is quite informative and simple, with everything you need to inform the driver. The seats are in plain fabric trim.

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