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2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid Owner's Manual

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2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid Owner's Manual

Nissan Altima Hybrid has a gasoline engine with four cylinders and 158 horsepower. The electric motor has 30 kWh and torque of 270 Nm.

The car is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 8.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 km/h.
Today, the Japanese manufacturer Nissan has expanded its capabilities with numerous new factories in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Spain, the UK and Vietnam. The model lines produced by Nissan are in great demand.

The car is designed primarily for the city and road travel. It is considered to be reliable and dynamic. Therefore, the popularity of the modification in many countries is quite high. But in our country it is not widespread, as the demand for hybrids in Russia is low.

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