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2022 Nissan Micra Owner's Manual

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2022 Nissan Micra Owner's Manual

The 2022 Nissan Micra combines economical fuel consumption, attractive appearance, and environmentally friendly emissions. If previously this model attracted mainly the attention of the female audience, this updated car has added features that will interest the male audience as well. With the help of modifications the car turned out to make an aggressive.

Option system completely decided to expand. This small car is better to operate in the city or on the highway, its consumption will be minimal. Engines for this car: 0.9 liter petrol with 86 horsepower, 1.0 liter with 72 horsepower and 1.5 liter diesel engine with 89 horsepower.

The interior of the car looks pretty good. It is trimmed with expensive plastic with well combined colors. But, despite the fact that the car is tiny, there is more than enough space in the cabin. When driving the car behaves quietly due to its good suspension.

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